Access to studies at CUSA for foreign students

1º.- Students who have completed the European or International Baccalaureate, or other studies of the European Union's educational systems do NOT need to take the official entrance exam to the Spanish university (EvAU). They only have to apply for the accreditation of their baccalaureate studies at the UNED. Our center does not perform any prior exam for European students.

2º.- Students who come from educational systems which are not members of the European Union, thanks to the UNEDassis agreement, will only have to certify their baccalaureate studies, or the equivalent (according to the Royal Access Decree 412/2014 of June 6).
In our center we have NO minimum grade point average requirement, and therefore it is not necessary to take the official entrance exam (EvAU) or sit any entrance exam at CUSA prior to acceptance.

3º.- It is recommended that students have some knowledge of the Spanish language. However, to facilitate the language immersion process, CUSA offers free Spanish courses for its foreign students and has personal support in the vehicular or maternal languages of the students, in the cases of English and Portuguese.

UEX RESOLUTION 1/6/2017 (DOE 114, 15):  and regulation of the UNED:

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